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By | July 29, 2017

UAN stands for Universal Account Number which is provided by EPFO.who got the UAN number those  Employees must have registered them self at  UAN Member portal.When employees registered in UAN member Portal then his /her all PF accounts and Member ID’s will be merged with one UAN number.

The UAN Member Portal is available to both Employees as well as Employers so who are contributing to provident fund those employees get the UAN number from Employee Provident Fund Organization.

UAN Member Portal Facility to Employees

  1. UAN Card
  2. EPF Balance
  3. UAN Passbook
  4. PF Claim Status
  5. Updating KYC Document Online
  6. PF Withdrawal
  7. PF Transfer
  8. List of Employees Old Member ID’s

UAN Member Portal Facility to Employers

  1. Generate UAN card for New Employees
  2. Adding New employees to UAN member Portal
  3. Upload KYC document of Employees
  4. Update UAN Card to Old Employees
  5.  EPF Online Payment
  6. Approve the PF Claims
  7. PF Transfer
  8. UAN

 Facility to Employees:

UAN Card: Universal account number card is very useful to the employees because all PF related issues solve with in minutes so UAN Member Portal give UAN card.The UAN card contains employees details like Name, Employees father Name as well as Employee KYC details.The back side of the Card contains UAN number id.

The universal account number is 12 digit number which is provided by EPFO. Employees first step is register on uan member portal then activate their UAN card.uan card benefits are employees can transfer their EPF balance one account to another account.

Downloading UAN card you have to visit the Uan member portal with Login ID and Password then do Download

For More Details About Uan Card Visit UAN

UAN Passbook: Every Month the Employees contribute some amount to EPF account for Emergency purpose or for other extra benefits purpose so employees need to know their account credit as well as debit details.that purpose UAN member portal provided Uan passbook facility to employees.

The employees and employers log in to their Uan portal with help of login ID and Password then download the UAN Passbook.The UAN  Passbook includes all transactions which have taken place in EPF Account in last few days.

For More Details About Uan Passbook Visit UAN Passbook

EPF Balance: Employee’s Provident Fund balance can check now easy way in just three steps you can check your EPF balance.First, you have to register in UAN member portal then create Login ID as well as Password.after created the Login Id and Password activate your UAN account.

Now employees log in to Thier account through UAN member portal then check the EPF balance amount.More information on EPF Balance please visit the EPF Balance Article.

PF Claim Status: Now Employees can check their PF claim Stratus through UAN Member portal just log in to UAN account then check it the PF claim status.

Updating KYC Document Online: Updating employees Know your Client or customer details through the online member portal site.just visit the UAN account then log in with your Name as well as password and update your current documents.

Facility to Employers:

Generate UAN card for New Employees: Employer will create the UAN card for New employees who joined in the Organization for the first time.if in case employee have the experience he will portable UAN number from last organization.

Adding New employees to UAN member Portal: Employer big task or HR department main task is adding the Employees to UAN member Portal.The employer needs to give the guidance to the employees on how to register in UAN member portal?How to create the Password?such kind of question will give the HR department.

Upload KYC document of Employees: Now employers as well employees can update Know your customer details in UAN Portal.

Update UAN Card to Old Employees: Employers need to update their old employees  UAN card details in uan portal as well as employers have to update their old employees uan card (Who joined again into Organization).

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