PF Withdrawal steps online and offline

By | August 1, 2017

Epfouanportal here explaining the whole process related to PF withdrawal but before going to read PF withdrawal Process PF amount is a corpus fund You should not touch it as far as possible so our advice is only to transfer the amount one account another not withdrawal.

according to the EPFO Employees, Basic 12 % of the salary goes to EPF Account as well as the same amount is contributed by your employer.PF withdrawal process EPFO provided two methods one is an online method and the second one is an Offline method.recently EPFO has been launched Online facility on 01 May 2017 to Employees.

PF Withdrawal Required things:

  • Employees Name should be same on Bank account as well as PF account.
  • Employees Exit date should be mentioned in EPFO record by your Employer.
  • The Universal Account Number Compulsory for PF withdrawal Process.
  • Eomplees name, as well as father name, should be matched with an identity card.
  • After quitting your job you don’t get any job after 2 months then only you have the chance to PF withdrawal.

PF Withdrawal Process By Offline:

The offline withdrawal process is very slow it takes approximately 2 months of time so our advice is done in online that process is very fast and easy also.The offline process following things you need know such as

  • Employees PF Account number
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank IFSC Code
  • Employee Joining Date
  • Employee Exit Date. 

Process: visit your HR department in your organization ask for PF withdrawal form.Take Form 19 and 10 C.fill the form carefully with required details.ask your HR department for joining date as well as exit date information.and submit those two forms in HR department.

Before Submitting your Form 19 and 10 C should be attested by one of the following listed persons.

  • A Gazetted Officer
  • Any Bank Manager
  • President of Village Panchayat
  • Magistrate
  •  Post Master
  • Sub Post Master
  • Any Noterey Authority.

After successfully submitting your application process, Human resources department verify your application form then it will send to EPFO Office EPFO deposits PF amount directly to the employee’s account but it takes up to 2 months.

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