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By | May 16, 2018

Hi, readers here will guide you on EPF Balance. Mostly when we visited a company almost every employee face the problem on EPF Status so that is the main cause for writing this article I hope this article will give you full information on EPF Balance.

Every Employee need to know How to Check EPF Balance? Where can We Check PF Balance? Such Kind of questions we covered in this article.EPF balance you can check at EPFO portal or UAN member Portal.

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EPF Balance passbook.

Employee Provident fund organization is changing daily and implementing new technologies in it is good cause for employees as well as employers, new technologies will reduce the service time for both sides.EPF Balance Passbook checking process in the old days very lengthy process, as well as time, has taken but now EBP Balance Passbook is getting within five minutes so the technology role in EPFO is very crucial.EPFO Portal Provides complete details on EPF Balance so you can check in below article.EPF Balance Passbook is very important for checking employee debit and credit amount in PF Account.

How to check EPF Balance.

 How many methods can we check EPF Balance? Following 4 Methods we can check PF Balance. provident fund balance checking is very important so Employees should check the provident fund balance regularly in the following manner.


  1. Sending SMS Method

    EPF Balance

  2. Checking Through EPF Portal
  3. Giving Missed call From Registered Mobile
  4. Checking through EPF Mobile App
  5. How to Check PF balance through UAN


 EPF Balance Through Online (EPF Portal)?

Compare with SMS method this method is Littel bit difficult but before SMS method introducing this one is good. See here you have following things to check EPF Balance Online.PF Account number, Mobile Number.

  • Go to EpfInfia official Website and choose the Employee services.
  • Enter the required details such as PF Account Number and Mobile Number.
  • Choose Your PF regional Office address.
  • Then submit it You will receive one SMS with Full EPF Account Details.

But earlier I Mentioned Every day New technology is coming so EPFO also changed day to day the above method is old because EPFO launched  New method that UAN member Portal.

PF Balance check with uan number

EPFO has been changing day by day so here is the new method to check PF Balance through UAN member Portal.UAN is the Universal Account Number which is unique for all individuals enrolled under the EPF scheme.UAN Number given by EPFO.

Universal Account Number number is Uniq number it does not change. Here are a few steps to check the PF Balance by uan through balance check with uan number process candidate needs to follow steps to check the PF Balance.

  • Go to UAN member Portal
  • Enter the UAN number 
  • Enter Password  ( Which is created by UAN member )
  • System generated security Captcha so Please enter the required box
  • then Sign in to your UAN Account. after successful login to your account select PF Balance by uan option
  • Select PF balance by uan option and enter the mobile number then submit it.
  • after view sec, you will receive the SMS from EPFO with detailed account information as well as your EPF status.

EPF Balance without UAN

Good News for Employees Provident Fund Contributors now you can check EPF Balance Without Uan Number, but how? here is the solution. Employee Provident fund Organization provides two way to check EPF Balance Without UAn number such as By Missed Call and By SMS.for theses two methods we explain in below paragraph you can check now and know you EPF Balance without UAN number.


 EPF Balance by Missed Call?-EPF missed call number

Now one more easy method came that is Missed call method to check your PF Balance. Now you will get PF Balance just fraction of seconds but we have some process to check PF balance by a missed call.

What kind of things you need to check PF balance through Missed Call

  • You need UAN Account.
  • UAN account must be Activated. 
  • UAN account should be registered with your Mobile number.
  • Your UAN should have linked the PAN Card/ Adhaar number/Bank Account
  • EPF balance enquiry no 011-22901406

If in case you have the above information perfect then what should we do that is the point, very simple give one missed a call from your registered mobile number to 011-22901406.

After successfully given missed a call from your registered mobile number you will receive SMS from AM-EPFOHO.please give missed a call from your registered mobile number only then only you will get SMS otherwise you will not get SMS. You can change your mobile number at any time through UAN Portal.epf balance check by a missed call is easy method compare with other EPF Balance methods.  
After missed call, you will receive one SMS with complete following details of your account

  • Name  of the Account Holder
  • UAN Member ID (UAN) 
  • PF number 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Last Contribution
  • EPF balance 

How To Check The EPF Balance By SMS?

Now it is an easy method to check or updates of your PF Information through SMS. Initial stage every UAN member visit EPF Portal and check the Balance but now the technology is changing day by day so our organizations also improve the service to employees. The EPFO also launched the EPF Mobile App on September 18, 2015, and UAN SMS based Activation.

EPF Balance SMS is important 

Following Steps Are You have to take for sending a message to EPFIndia

  • Open You Registered Mobile Number.
  • Type The SMS Like -The format of the message will be like EPFOHO UAN <ENG> for receiving the message in English.If You want to change the language you can but EPFINDIA Accept following Languages only (English, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, and Bengali). For Example, You want SMS in Telugu to send like   EPFOHO UAN <TEL>
  •  for sending the text to number 7738299899.
  • After Sending the SMS You will receive  SMS From EPFO with the member details available as well as details of the KYC, last contribution, along with the total PF amount In Your Account.

Benefits Of SMS Services.

EPFO launched SMS services to the UAN Members so it is very helpful to us because our time will save this is the most important thing. No confusion because user-friendly process each and every one knows how to send SMS.

 EPF Balance by Mobile App?

Now Employee Provident fund organization launched a mobile app to the employees as well as Employers so the new process is very simple.No need to login UAN Portal now, No need to send SMS and No need to Give a Missed call to EPFO.

Mobile App is only for UAN members.UAN members can download the Mobile app through Google Mobile Store that is Google Play store as well as UAN portal. 


EPF Passbook status | Download UAN E Passbook Steps

EPF Passbook contains credits as well as debts of the Employees EPF account. The Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has been providing online facility to check Thier EPF passbook details through UAN member portal. this facility is completely free of cost which is available in UAN portal. this facility available to Employees to check their EPF balance information.

Employees Registration on  EPFO portal (EPF Passbook)

Employees have to register on EPFO portal for getting EPF Passbook details. here we are explaining how to register on EPFO portal.

EPF Passbook


  • Enter Your UAN number (Which is given by Employer)
  • Enter Member Id (Which is available on UAN CARD back side)
  • Select The State as well as Your organization location too.
  • Enter Your Aadhar Card Number
  • Enter PAN Card details
  • Now next crucial step enter Your Name be careful while entering your name letters
  • mention Date Of Birth details according to your school certificate
  • Enter Mobile Number (Note: the One-time password will get to that number so mention working mobile number)
  • mention your email id for further use
  • Enter security captcha
  • After mention, all the required columns once recheck the data then enter the Get Authentication pin button.

You will receive OTP to your mentioned mobile number please enter required space then create the User Name as well as Password then mention all the details once again and mention mobile number then submit it.

Download EPF Passbook(E -Passbook)

For Downloading E Passbook employes must log in to uan member portal with Username and password.after successfully log in to the UAN member Portal click on the Download e-passbook option. then mention the required details on the portal such as your EPF Account Office, PF code of the Employee, EPF account number you have to submit it.

After summiting full details in the portal you will get a Confirmation message to your register mobile number. once the process is done e-passbook will be available for download on the same page after 3 working days. 

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