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UAN Member Portal

UAN stands for Universal Account Number which is provided by EPFO.who got the UAN number those  Employees must have registered them self at  UAN Member portal.When employees registered in UAN member Portal then his /her all PF accounts and Member ID’s will be merged with one UAN number. The UAN Member Portal is available to both Employees… Read More »

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UAN Status | UAN Activation Status for EPF Account Number

we can check EPF UAN Status through EPFO official Website if your contribution to EPFO or Your are the member of Employee Provident fund organization you need to know your UAN status because UAN is the key for all EPFO Services. Employee Provident Fund organization has been providing EFP UAN number since Oct 2014 for  All online services.The Universal… Read More »

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What Is UAN? UAN abbreviation meaning is Universal Account Number which is allotted by Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation.The Universal Account Number is a 12 digit number allotted to the employee for contributing to EPF account.UAN number is the universal number it is life time allotted does not change when you change your job.The Universal Account Number is a… Read More »

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