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Employee Provident Fund Organization(EPFO): is one of the statutory body established by Indian Central Government. The EPFO came into existence through  The Employees’ Provident Fund Act, 1952.EPFO act introduced three major schemes.which are very popular schemes in India for the government as well as private sector employees.

EPFO Member portal provides huge services to employees and employers. Employees services like UAN, UAN Activation, UAN Helpdesk, PF Balance by SMS, Balance Transfer through Portal, PF Balance Withdrawal, PF Balance by a Missed call, UAN login registration, UAN member can transfer PF balance one account to another account through UAN portal.

UAN Activation       UAN        UAN Status          Check EPF Balance

employers services include like Generate the UAN number to new employees, PF transfer one account to another UAN account, settle the  EPF claims and EPFO launched three schemes under  Employees’ Provident Fund Act, 1952  implemented by the Central Board of Trustees (CBT).

What Is UAN?

UAN abbreviation meaning is Universal Account Number which is allotted by Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation. The Universal Account Number is a 12 digit number allotted to the employee for contributing to EPF account.UAN number is the universal number it is lifetime allotted number.it does not change when you change your job. The Universal Account Number is a tremendous change in EPFO services because the process of PF status, EPF balance, Universal Account Number status, Universal Account Number activation is the completely online process so you can check your account within a fraction of sec.

Universal Account Number Card:

Universal Account Number card looks like a PAN card but UAN card Issued by EPFO it is lifetime card below we show the sample card for the easy understanding purpose only.

The Universal Account Number card front face looks like below image it displays  Name of the cardholder, Fathers Name or Husbands name, Photo of the member and Universal Account Number which is 12 digit number example 1000 1833 6042 (blue color circle). If KYC of the member is uploaded by the employer it shows YES otherwise it shows No


The Universal Account Number card back face looking like below image it shows or display  member IDs linked with Universal Account Number number which we circled with blue color, EPF website URL, and UAN helpdesk mail id


Benefits of Universal Account Number:

once you get Universal Account Number then you have to activate your Universal account number through members portal .after successful activation of your UAN you have lots of benefits which we are provided below look once

  • you can update your account details through UAN member e Seva portal
  • now you could link your old PF accounts which are not linked with the universal account number
  • you may upload your Know Your Clients (KYC) details
  • Now easy to change or update your Email id and Mobile number
  • upcoming year may be EPFO will provide PF transfer and Withdrawal process through Online

we can check EPF UAN Status through EPFO official Website if your contribution to EPFO or Your are the member of Employee Provident fund organization you need to know your UAN status because UAN is the key for all EPFO Services.

Employee Provident Fund organization has been providing EFP UAN number since Oct 2014 for  All online services. The Universal account number has established as an umbrella for several member Ids that are allotted to person through the different organization.

The universal account number is 12  digit Number and it is the unique number given by EPFO department.You may select state and provide your UAN number you will get your update status to your mobile number.

Check Your UAN Status through Online

Hi employees you can check your  UAN status by following steps, if you don’t have the Universal Account Number please ask your Employer and activate it for activation purpose visit UAN Activation 

  • Go to EPFO official website or Portal https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  • you can see right side bottom impotent links please click on “Know your UAN Status ” option
  • when you click on know your EPF UANstatus you will get new page mention required details there such as
  • Enter Member Id Which is given by the employer
  • First, select the State and organization then enter member I’d
  • Enter the Aadhaar Card details and PAN card
  • After successful entering of the above details then enter NAME, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, and Email Id
  • Enter the security Captcha which is generated by default and enter the get authorization pin button

UAN Activation

After entering PIN number you have to fill the details again such as

  • Member name
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile number
  • Email id
  • Username and password
  • enter the security captcha once again  and submit it

After clicking on ‘Check Status’ you will know whether UAN is allotted to you or not. If UAN is allotted you can know it from the portal itself.if not allotted please recheck after one week, if the same problem is repeated ask your employer or else call to UAN help desk


Member Id Details

Uan activation status process you need to know the Member id details so here we are providing member id details so once read for a better understanding purpose.

Member Id is  also called PF Number  know your Pf number details here we are explaining

uan status

  • The First Two numbers of PF is represent to Your State such as UP for Uttar Pradesh, DS for Delhi and AP for Andra pradesh and TS for Telangana like that also states have the saparate code in PF Number

  • Next three numbers represent to the PF office region

  • Now you have to  fill the organization number. Every employee in your organization has the  same number which is provided by EPFO to Organization . It would be the first group of digits in your PF number. It can go up to 7 digits.

  • in Last column you have to the extension almost all cases it could be “000”.


Note: You can get your PF number from the salary slip. Most of the employer print it in the salary slip only so no need to worry see your Salary slip.

The UAN status related Articles


UAN stands for Universal Account Number which is provided by EPFO.who got the UAN number those  Employees must have registered them self at  UAN Member portal. When employees registered in UAN member Portal then his /her all PF accounts and Member ID’s will be merged with one UAN number.

The UAN Member Portal is available to both Employees as well as Employers so who are contributing to provident fund those employees get the UAN number from Employee Provident Fund Organization.

UAN Member Portal Facility to Employees

  1. Universal Account Number Card
  2. EPF Balance
  3. Universal Account Number  Passbook
  4. PF Claim Status
  5. Updating KYC Document Online
  6. PF Withdrawal
  7. PF Transfer
  8. List of Employees Old Member ID’s

UAN Member Portal Facility to Employers

  1. Generate UAN card for New Employees
  2. Adding New employees to UAN member Portal
  3. Upload KYC document of Employees
  4. Update UAN Card to Old Employees
  5.  EPF Online Payment
  6. Approve the PF Claims
  7. PF Transfer
  8. UAN

 Facility to Employees:

UAN Card: Universal account number card is very useful to the employees because all PF related issues solve within minutes so UAN Member Portal give UAN card. The UAN card contains employees details like Name, Employees father Name as well as Employee KYC details. The back side of the Card contains UAN number id.

The universal account number is 12 digit number which is provided by EPFO. Employees first step is register on uan member portal then activate their UAN card. uan card benefits are employees can transfer their EPF balance one account to another account.

Downloading UAN card you have to visit the Uan member portal with Login ID and Password then do Download

For More Details About Uan Card Visit UAN

UAN Passbook:

Every Month the Employees contribute some amount to EPF account for Emergency purpose or for other extra benefits purpose so employees need to know their account credit as well as debit details.that purpose UAN member portal provided Uan passbook facility to employees.

The employees and employers log in to their Uan portal with help of login ID and Password then download the UAN Passbook. The UAN  Passbook includes all transactions which have taken place in EPF Account in last few days.

For More Details About Uan Passbook Visit UAN Passbook

EPF Balance:

Employee’s Provident Fund balance can check now easy way in just three steps you can check your EPF balance. First, you have to register in UAN member portal then create Login ID as well as Password.after created the Login Id and Password activate your UAN account.

Now employees log in to Thier account through UAN member portal then check the EPF balance amount. More information on EPF Balance please visit the EPF Balance Article.

PF Claim Status:

Now Employees can check their PF claim Stratus through UAN Member portal just log in to UAN account then check it the PF claim status.

Updating KYC Document Online:

Updating employees Know your Client or customer details through the online member portal site. just visit the UAN account then log in with your Name as well as password and update your current documents.

Facility to Employers:

Generate UAN card for New Employees: Employer will create the Universal Account Number card for New employees who joined in the Organization for the first time. if in case employee have the experience he will portable UAN number from last organization.

Adding New employees to UAN member Portal: Employer big task or HR department main task is adding the Employees to UAN member Portal. The employer needs to give the guidance to the employees on how to register in UAN member portal? How to create the Password? such kind of question will give the HR department.

Upload KYC document of Employees: Now employers as well employees can update Know your customer details in Universal Account Number Portal.

Update UAN Card to Old Employees: Employers need to update their old employees  UAN card details in uan portal as well as employers have to update their old employees uan card (Who joined again into Organization).For more details please visit official EPFO Website: www.epfindia.com

EPFO Schemes

Each and every Decision related to the Schemes handily by the Central Board of Trustees (CBT).Employee Provident fund Organization three Schemes are.

  • The Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS)-1995
  • Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI)-1976
  • Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme (EPF)-1952

The Employee cant chooses this three schemes and schemes can be transferred with the change in job.

The Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS)

The Employee Pension Scheme introduced in the year 1995 is applicable from 16/11/1995. Before launched this scheme we have the family pension scheme. In the family pension Scheme, the employee will not get any amount in his/her lifetime only after his/her death the amount will get to the spouse.

When EPS Launched the employees has been happy because now pension amount will get at the age of 58 years.if in the case of the employee dies that amount will get to a spouse as well as Children’s so this is the big change between family pension scheme and Employee Pension Scheme.

Rules Under EPS to Getting Pension

  • The employee must and should the member of Employee Provident Fund Scheme.
  • At least 10 years of service compulsory
  • The employee has the two options one is you can take amount after your age 58 years and the second one is you may withdrawal your pension amount after you cross the 50 years.

Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI)

EPFO was launched, Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme in 1976.EDLI scheme main aim is providing life insurance coverage to all their employees. It is a group term insurance provided by EPFO. The scheme is applicable to all organizations which are part of EPFO.

The scheme details are the employee dies during service time the amount will get to the family members of the employee.EDLI is a social security scheme. All the Employee Pension Scheme members convert to EDLI scheme.

Rules  to EDLI

  • The Scheme coverage is 24 hours
  • EPFONO minimum limit  of service
  • Who is the member of the PF that person cover EDLI
  • The Insurence Amount linked with Employee pay.

Benefits of EDLI

  • EDLI claim amount is 30 times more than the employee salary
  • Premium Amount same for All the Employees.
  • The contribution towards this scheme is 0.50% of the employee’s salary
  • EPF contribution by Employee: 12%.

Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme (EPF)

The government of India was Launched Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme (EPF) in 1952. The EPF scheme is now known as the Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Act, 1952. According to Employees’ Provident Fund Act, 1952 every employee contributes 12% of the basic pay + DA towards the EPF account. This amount will get at the age of 58.

EPF Benefits:

  • Financial Security(Loss of income, Retirement, Emergency time): Employees contributing to the EPF from Starting off his career so that any loss of income occurred in his/her career EPF can full fill his loss of income.After his retirement EPF balance very use full to his Health and also the emergency time it will give support 
  • Pension: After his retirement employee will get the pension from EPF through the bank so at the age of Retirement he will get financial benefit from EPF.
  • Universal access
  • Insurance: Who joined in EPF Scheme those employees get Insurence from EPFO through the Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme.
  • Long-term savings option: EPF is one of the organized  Long-term saving programs 
  • Tax-free earnings:
  • Special Occasions: it will Help.(House, Marriage, Education, Medical Emergency)When do you have special occasions such as marriage time of your daughter or Construction of Your Dream House or Education of your children’s it will help.

Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme (EPF) is the main program under the Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Act, 1952.EPF covered small organizations also minimum employment is 20 members so which organization have the more than 20 members that organization will have the chance to register in EPFO.

EPFO Reginal Websites

Employee Provident Fund Organization(EPFO) has the following regional websites employees as well as an employer can check their information on the following websites.

Hyderabad                 Chennai                          Goa                   Coimbatore              Indore

Ahmadabad                  Thane                           Vadodra              Raipur                       Jaipur 

Delhi                               Bangalore                    Kandivali            Kolkatta                    Odisha

Kanpur                           Mangalore                    Madurai              Patna                       Pune

Tirvanathapuram         Surath                            Tambaram          Penya                       Jalpaiguri  

EPF Scheme (1952) Interest Rate.


Interest Rate (p.a.)

1952 – 1955

1955 – 19573.50%
1957 – 19633.75%
1963 – 19644.00%
1964 – 19654.25%
1965 – 19664.50%
1966 – 19674.75%
1967 – 19685.00%
1968 – 19695.25%
1969 – 19705.50%
1970 – 19715.70%
1971 – 19725.80%
1972 – 19746.00%
1974 – 19756.50%
1975 – 19767.00%
1976 – 19777.50%
1977 – 19788.00%
1978 – 19798.50% 
1979 – 19818.25%
1981 – 19828.50%
1982 – 19838.75%
1983 – 19849.15%
1984 – 19859.90%
1985 – 198610.15%
1986 – 198711.00%
1987 – 198811.50%
1988 – 198911.80%
1989 – 200012.00%
2000 – 200112.00% 
2001 – 20049.50%
2004 – 20059.50% 
2005 – 20108.50%
2010 – 20119.50%
2011 – 20128.25%
2012 – 20138.50%
2013 – 20158.75%
2015 – 20168.8%
2016 – 2017


EPFO Services:

Employee Provident Fund Organization Providing huge services to various groups.  here  we are providing full details about EPFO services here is the list 

  • For Employees
  • For Employers
  • International Employees
  • For Pensioners

we will see one by one services list 

EPFO Services for Employees:

For Employees, EPFO runs the three social security programs already we are discussed in this article. following services are providing to Employees

EPFO services for Employers:

following services are  provided by EPFO to Employers